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Edge Operations SA

Edge Operations SA

The long-lasting relationship with our clients is based on efficiency and trust, and with these in mind, it was evident for us to put processes in place and provide
high levels of information security. The ISO/IEC 27001 certification reinforces our values and commitment to serving our clients to the highest standards.

– Vincent Gal, CEO, Edge Operations SA

About Edge Operations SA

At Edge Operations, we aim to bring our clients to the edge of their operations. 

We partner with them as they decide to externalize some of their activities along the value chain with us, such as administration, accounting, payroll, supply chain, etc. Together, we define the processes and the ways of using and storing data to enable them to focus on what they do best, which is: provide their customers with the products and services they need; develop their business; and create new job opportunities.

Our job is to continually improve what we take on board for our clients, making our operations – and therefore theirs – leaner, more efficient, faster to deploy and resilient to trends.

Why did you choose to get certified against ISO/IEC 27001?

Our business aims to support our clients with what they consider their non-essential activities so they can focus on improving and optimizing their business. Therefore, they entrust us with their sensitive information ranging from accounting details, invoices, tax information, HR, prices, supplier, and product information, to innovation roadmaps, and more. 

Being able to give them the assurance that their information is kept, managed, and secured in the best way possible is part of our values and our way of working. Thus, we wanted to show our clients how we handle information security by getting certified with ISO/IEC 27001.
The fact that MSECB regularly checks if we use the processes that we have defined to comply with ISO/IEC 27001 is crucial, it helps us continually challenge ourselves and maintain the highest standards possible. 

We pride ourselves on having long-lasting relationships with our clients since we provide them with a service tailored to their needs and standards.

With the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, we are not just claiming something, we can show proof of it.

Benefits of obtaining certification against ISO/IEC 27001

Experience with MSECB

Everyone knows that an audit is not an easy process, and MSECB made it smooth. The MSECB team was very responsive, and all the answers to our questions were very clear and helpful. 

We also felt that our company and our needs and ways of working were well understood. All the suggestions for improvement made perfect sense for us and were easy to put in place and get the buy-in of our employees.

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