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Ani Hakhverdyan

Ani Hakhverdyan

If you have a goal and you work hard towards it and are strong enough to face the challenges, you will succeed. This implies job satisfaction as well, which is a great contribution to your life.

About Ani Hakhverdyan

When I decided to do my specialization in the field of Standardization and Certification, I wanted to master a profession that was in line with my interests. Though not very popular in Armenia at that time, I was sure that the demand for this would increase in the future.

I graduated from the Armenian State University of Economics with a master’s degree specializing in Standardization and Certification, as well as Metrology. The main disciplines were mathematics, chemistry, and physics. As a basis of all ISO standards, we studied standards of the ISO 9000 family. We examined the types and models of management systems. When writing my master’s thesis, I also studied environmental standards as the thesis was related to ecological issues in our country.

For a better understanding of the specifications of the auditing profession, I had internships in several industries. The internship in the Ministry of Economics (Department of Standardization and Certification) helped me to understand how the government monitors and manages the issues related to certification. We learned about different international organizations in the sphere of standardization and certification and their activities.

Before starting my auditing carrier, I worked for several companies in different industries. I also did volunteer work. Each job gave me some experience that appeared valuable in the future.

Furthermore, I participated in various certification programs, which have been valuable assets for my professional growth.


About the experience in auditing


I started my auditing career as an assistant to a very skilled and experienced auditor, Andranik Markosyan, who was a well-known expert of the field in Armenia. He was the one who introduced me to PECB MS at that time, now MSECB. After assisting him in one of his projects and assessing my approach to the implementation of assigned tasks, he offered me to become his assistant at conducting ISO audits. I assisted him during all the audits he conducted. As I had relevant background, it was not difficult to understand the details of the work.

My first challenging experience was when I started conducting audits as a team leader. Over the years, I have gained the skills and confidence to rely on my own strength․ The deeper I got into the profession, the more interesting the work became.

Regular attendance of professional training courses and participation in conferences are a great help because there I get informed about the current trends and changes in the auditing and certification spheres. Since 2017, I have been given the opportunity to enrich my knowledge of the profession by participating in a number of trainings and conferences organized by PECB.

The favorite part of the audit for me is when, after the closing meeting, I am content with the work and the outcome of the project satisfies both parties.

The companies that I have audited are from different fields, which makes the auditing even more challenging, and at the same time, has given me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of auditing in different environments.

My next future goal is to become a trainer, coaching young future auditors in the specifics of the certification process.


Ani’s experience with MSECB

Reliable, independent, and trusted services best describe my cooperation with MSECB. I appreciate the culture of communication between us as I always receive a quick response to all my enquiries. MSECB cares for all their partners as well as auditors’ good work performance by highlighting the code of ethics.

The wide range of auditing standards and the comprehensibility of the certification process are the advantages of working with MSECB.

My partnership with MSECB helped to enhance my expertise and gave me the priority to be chosen as an auditor.


MSECB Auditor Profile

Ani Hakhverdyan holds all the good qualities of a great and professional auditor. She is punctual, unbiased, a good decision-maker, and has great interpersonal skills. Since 2020, when she started auditing different companies for ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 with MSECB, she has shown great results in each audit which further prove her dedication and love for auditing. 

We are proud and glad to have an auditor like Ani in our Auditors Network!

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