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Donna Curran

Donna Curran, MSECB auditor for ISO/IEC 27001

Donna Curran

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About Donna Curran

Donna Curran is a dynamo in IT audit and business continuity management, radiating energy and results-driven prowess with over two decades in the game. She is not just an ordinary auditor; Donna navigates the intricate maze of IT systems, employing cutting-edge methodologies to identify vulnerabilities, ensure compliance, and fortify security across private and government sectors. Her mission is to craft cost-effective audit programs that create win-win scenarios for everyone involved.

In 2022, Donna formed a consultancy portfolio focusing on IT audit, compliance, risk & security, and business continuity with a spotlight on ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO 22301 frameworks. Highlighting an IT career spanning over two decades, Donna has played crucial roles in IT audit, business continuity, and risk & security. Donna has a wide range of credentials, holding titles like ISO/IEC 27001 Senior Lead Auditor, ISO 22301 Lead Implementer, CRISC, CISA, and CICA, not to mention being a licensed Scrum Master and an ITIL V4 Managing Professional.

Donna is a community champion, Vice-President of ISACA Regina, and a former President of the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Risk Management Society and Angels 4 Warmth.

Donna thrives on connecting with new organizations and people, diving into their corporate worlds, and playing an essential role in fortifying their futures with ISO certification. She is not just in the IT audit and business continuity business; she is in the business of empowerment and success, making the professional world a little brighter, one audit at a time.

About the experience in auditing

At the onset of my career as a full-time auditor, I embraced the ISO 27001:2013 framework, a cornerstone that has underpinned my approach in every subsequent organization. This framework is instrumental in understanding client needs, facilitating smooth audits, fostering transparent information exchange, and grasping environmental nuances for tangible enhancements. The crux of auditing lies in meticulous planning, clear communication, and a fun educational atmosphere. The ISO framework is straightforward, having a practical foundation that outlines clear requirements and offers guidelines for effective control implementation. It serves as a robust, pragmatic basis that aids clients in smoothly navigating the ever-evolving IT threat landscape. It also plays a significant role in affirming commitment to quality service delivery, uninterrupted operations, and customer assurance via ISO certification.

Conducting audits is particularly rewarding for me as it offers opportunities to connect with diverse individuals and uncover the complexities of unfamiliar products and services. This process is not just an audit but a mutual learning journey, enriched by the varied backgrounds and insights of those I encounter. My passion for learning and sharing knowledge fuels my goal to aid others in achieving their aspirations and enhancing their success. Assisting clients in attaining and upholding ISO certification is an endeavor that brings me immense satisfaction.

Looking ahead, my ambition is to engage with new clients, delivering smooth ISO certification experiences characterized by enjoyment and mutual growth in a relaxed setting. On a personal front, I aspire to explore global cultures, absorbing and possibly imparting experiences, thus enriching my professional perspective and personal growth.

Donna's experience with MSECB

Diving into the onboarding process with MSECB was smooth and efficient. It felt less like an assessment and more like a friendly chat where I showcased my skills in a comfortable and supportive environment. And now, I am part of a talented group of professionals, and it has been amazing.

Joining MSECB? Best decision. The team is super helpful — always there when you need them, answering questions, and providing useful information. MSECB is quick and efficient with our clients, ensuring requests are managed quickly while treating everyone involved with top-notch respect and transparency.

I am thrilled to be able to contribute to top-tier auditing services within MSECB’s robust framework. Witnessing company after company achieve new heights, by aligning their ISMS controls with ISO standards, is incredibly satisfying. It is not just a matter of compliance; it is about empowering our clients to secure their operations today and prepare for the future. At MSECB, we are not just ticking boxes; we are helping our customers improve their security game to be ready for now and whatever comes next.

So, I am eager to contribute to helping make a significant impact, one quality audit at a time, in a company that aims for excellence and treasures its team and clients. With MSECB, it is all about crafting a safer, more reliable business world—cheers to that!

MSECB Auditor Profile

Donna Curran joined MSECB in 2022 and has performed numerous ISO/IEC 27001 audits.

She is a proficient auditor with substantial experience, solid academic qualifications, and a deep commitment to auditing. Her expertise and commitment greatly benefit organizations, aiding in their advancement and prosperity. 

 We are privileged to have her as a valued member of MS Auditor’s Network!

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