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Mustapha Ben Jemaa

Mustapha Ben Jemaa

Mustapha Ben Jemaa, MSECB auditor for ISO/IEC 27001; ISO/IEC 27701; ISO 22301.

Mustapha Ben Jemaa

I have conducted several audits on behalf of MSECB, a certification body with big experience in the field of audit and certification of ISO Management Systems. I recommend to other auditors to partnership with MSECB because they have a very friendly team with whom you can easily communicate and work with.

Meet Mustapha Ben Jemaa

Mustapha Ben Jemaa is a Telecom engineer with Master’s degree in Information Security and Networks. He has more than thirty years of experience in ICT industries, and is actually the CEO of the consulting firm “Supernet Solutions”.

Ben Jemaa is also a certified consultant, trainer and auditor in the fields of Information and Privacy Security (IS & PS), and Business Continuity (BC) with several certifications. He has delivered numerous training courses on IS, PS, and BC standards in Tunisia, African countries, and France.

Additionally, Ben Jemaa has conducted several IS and BS projects, several compliances and certification Management Systems audits in Tunisia, France, and Africa countries. He had served as Satellite Engineer, then as Technical Manager of Tunis satellite control station with ARABSAT – Arab Satellite Communication Organization. Moreover, he is a member of AFRINIC and ICANN Communities.

During his experience he has lead on-site and remote audits and has stated that in general, in an initial MS audit, the maturity of the MS processes is medium and needs improvement. He believes that the surveillance remote audits are acceptable, but for initial audits, an extra observation is needed since it cannot be done by remote audits. An on-site visit is necessary for the verification of physical security and for witnessing directly some activities.

“Until now, I have conducted a number of initial, surveillance, and recertification audits and I feel very comfortable in dealing with MSECB staff. Working with MSECB is a pleasure and I strongly recommend other auditors to become MSECB Certified Auditors and start doing Management Systems audits on behalf of MSECB.” – Mustafa Ben Jemaa


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Mustapha Ben Jemaa has been part of MSECB since 2018. He has successfully conducted many audits in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, etc. His broad experience with over 20 years in the IT field, his skills being informative and detail-oriented, and his certifications in ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701, make him a great auditor and an expert of the Information Security Management Systems.

He is also a certified auditor for ISO 22301 which only adds to his values as a professional. Thus, we are very happy to have him as an auditor since he has earned our respect through his work ethic, compassion, and deep understanding with regards to the auditing process.

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