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MSECB expands presence in Asia
through MSECB Asia-Pacific

The appointment of the regional office will enable MSECB to grow internationally by increasing the presence in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Laval (Montreal), Quebec (Canada), April 6, 2022. MSECB has announced today the strategic partnership with Intra-Asia Worldwide, operating as MSECB Asia-Pacific, which will provide Audit and Certification Services on behalf of MSECB to this region. This partnership will further expand our presence to the Asian-Pacific market and will enable us to better understand our clients’ needs in these territories.

“As we envision to become the global benchmark for the provision of ISO management system certification services, we believe that this partnership will enhance our brand in these markets,” said Eric Lessard, CEO of MSECB. “We see this partnership as the beginning of many other strategic alliances that we aim to create. The idea is to enable our clients feel close with our services anywhere they are,” continued Eric Lessard.

Being closer to clients in the Asia-Pacific region, brings enormous advantages and furthermore, provides an easier way of selecting the right certification body to perform their third-party audits. The extent to which the certification adds value and provides competitive advantage to the company depends significantly on this selection. 

“We are honored and proud to partner up with MSECB, as one of the leading certification bodies in the world,” said Mr. Aristian, Regional Director at MSECB Asia-Pacific. “We believe that with the support of MSECB, we will be able to provide high-quality services in the Asia-Pacific region,” added Mr. Aristian.


MSECB is specialized in the certification of management systems on a wide range of international standards. As a global provider of audit and certification services, MSECB offers its expertise on multiple fields, including but not limited to Information Security, Quality Management, Business Continuity, Service Management, Health, Safety and Environmental Management. 

MSECB has earned an international reputation for integrity, value, and best practice by providing this assurance through the evaluation and certification of organizations with rigorous, internationally recognized competence requirements. Our mission is to provide to our clients with professional and quick services that preserve integrity, inspire trust, demonstrate recognition, and assist organizations towards a sustainable growth and accomplishment of objectives.