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PECB MS has become MSECB

The new name reflects the differentiation to our core expertise, the Audit and Certification Services for Organizations.

Laval (Montreal), Quebec (Canada), February 1st, 2022. As it may have been noticed over the past few months, we have gradually initiated a change to our brand name, which has been completed today, and as of now, only the new MSECB brand and logo will be used.

“During these operating years, we have helped organizations to show commitment and pursue access to local and global markets, by providing them with valuable and fast evaluation and certification services which inspire trust and demonstrate recognition.” said CEO Eric Lessard. “We believe that it is now time to better differentiate ourselves, so that is why the rebrand from PECB MS to MSECB emphasizes our organization’s focus to our core expertise, which is the Audit and Certification Services for Organizations, given that the PECB brand has been historically associated with training and certifications of individuals.” – he added.

We had been planning this change of brand along with many planned upgrades to our services that are either being built or will be in the course of 2022. As part of the name change, we have released a new company logo and launched a newly updated company website at www.msecb.com.

The rebrand to MSECB focuses on the audit and certification services of organizations. This reflects our commitment to become the global benchmark for the provision of management system certification services.

About MSECB (Former PECB MS)

MSECB is specialized in the certification of management systems on a wide range of international standards. As a global provider of audit and certification services, MSECB offers its expertise on multiple fields, including but not limited to Information Security, Quality Management, Business Continuity, Service Management, Health, Safety and Environmental Management. 

MSECB has earned an international reputation for integrity, value, and best practice by providing this assurance through the evaluation and certification of organizations with rigorous, internationally recognized competence requirements. Our mission is to provide to our clients with professional and quick services that preserve integrity, inspire trust, demonstrate recognition, and assist organizations towards a sustainable growth and accomplishment of objectives.