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Achieving ISO/IEC 27001 certification is an important milestone for Prospection. We take our role as a trusted third-party provider of longitudinal patient data and therapeutic insights seriously. Quality and consistency in our products are of vital importance as we work with an increasing number of data custodians and a high volume of patient data. This certification validates our efforts towards ensuring rigorous data security, storage, and management processes.

Eric Chung, CEO

About Prospection

Prospection is a pioneer in health data analytics technology. We are on a mission to make advancements in precision medicine through real-world evidence, with the aim of putting the right patient on the right treatment at the right time. Applying advanced ML algorithms to real-world data, we unearth health journeys and treatment insights by analyzing longitudinal data for hundreds of millions of patients to see how drug treatments are used after a clinical trial and delivering actionable real-world evidence that enables better outcomes for patients across the world.

Prospection is guided by credentialed experts and innovative leaders within their respective fields. Globally, we work with over 15 large health data sets (Claims, EMR, Registry, & Commercial), applying our expertise to examine health patterns. Working with governments and researchers through our core client base in the pharma/biopharmaceutical industry, we have delivered insights across more than 90 therapeutic indications, including rare and complex diseases such as
oncology, immuno-oncology, virology, metabolic conditions, respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Prospection is backed by investors, Ellerston, Horizons Ventures, and Main Sequence, and has a commercial partnership with CRO Novotech.

Why did you choose to get certified against ISO/IEC 27001?

ISO/IEC 27001 is a globally recognized standard that our data partners and customers value. By having this independently audited certification in place, we can provide an effective assurance of our capabilities for information and cyber security. These are both critical aspects of our operations as a data analytics SaaS business.

Benefits of obtaining certification against ISO/IEC 27001

When working with new partners and customers, we often go through an in-depth technical and due diligence process. The benefit of having ISO/IEC 27001 certification is that this process becomes a more streamlined journey. Along with the certificate itself being a valued component, the process is structured in a way that aligns with ISO/IEC 27001 framework, which allows us to respond to any question easily and straightforwardly. It has also given us an easier way to evaluate the partners we work with, which in turn builds trust between the parties and gives us more flexibility to achieve our goals.

Experience with MSECB

Our journey to ISO/IEC 27001 certification was surprisingly straightforward.  Our auditors explained the process in advance, and we were able to meet the proposed schedule, which was much appreciated. Both the auditors locally and the supervision undertaken by the MSECB staff were responsive to the queries we had and were able to explain the next steps effectively. I was anticipating this would be complicated since our teams are distributed between Europe and Australia, but in the end, it was quite painless and quick to finalize.

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