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The high professionalism of the auditors and back-office employees, prompt assistance and excellent quality made our choice very simple.
We are sure that when we chose MSECB 
we made the right choice.

 Vladimir Razuvaev, Сompliance & Legal Lead, Softline

About Softline

Softline was established in Moscow as a provider of scientific software in 1993. The company’s domain — softline.ru — is one of the oldest on the Russian Internet. It was registered on September 13, 1996, as the 11th registered website in Russia.

By 1998, Softline’s core business was the supply of licensed software from Microsoft and other technology leaders. Softline Training Center began its operation in 1999, and in 2001 the distribution business and consulting subdivision were launched. At the same year, the first representative office of the company opened outside the city of Moscow – in Minsk.

In 2002, representative offices were opened in Kiev, Khabarovsk and Nizhny Novgorod, and a year later – in Almaty, Tashkent, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg, and then in many other Russian and CIS cities. At the same time, the company developed new IT services, such as technical support, IT outsourcing and software audit, and helped customers in implementing Microsoft Dynamics and SAP solutions creating and upgrading objectives of IT infrastructure. Also, in 2002, an online software store for small businesses and individuals was launched at www.allsoft.ru, and in 2008 Softline opened its first representative offices abroad, in Turkey, Venezuela and Vietnam.

In 2010, Softline joined its separated services engaged in technical support, consulting, information security, virtualization, CAD and others into the integrated Service Management Department. The new structure proved to be effective, and the services it provided became the hub of Softline’s’ growth. Significant growth was also a result of cloud solutions, hardware and information security. 

By 2014 , the solution portfolio of Softline contained a variety of services associated with public, private and hybrid clouds created on the basis of Softline’s data centers and platforms of leading vendors. In the same year, Softline acquired the Brazilian Compusoftware – a local leader in licensing and infrastructure services.

Data centers were built and modernized rapidly and the largest data centers in Eastern Europe for 600+ racks were built in Belarus. In 2016, Softline continued to implement large-scale and high-tech projects for its customers in 30 countries.

Nowadays, Softline has become an international telecommunication company present in 50 countries.

IT industry is rapidly changing, and I’m sure that the pace of innovation will be even faster in the future. To remain in this industry in the next ten years it’s not enough to follow the market and technology trends, you have to become the trendsetter.

 Vladimir Razuvaev, Сompliance & Legal Lead, Softline

ISO Standards Certifications

As one of the most prominent software companies in the world, Softline has implemented and has gotten certified against the international Anti-Bribery Management System based on the ISO 37001 requirements. Softline is convinced that one of the most important factors of sustainable business development is strict compliance with the current legislation, which dictates anti-corruption internally and externally.

Softline was always committed to the categorical rejection of dishonest and illegal ways of doing business and strictly applies corruption prevention requirements established by national and international anti-corruption agencies.

Moreover, the top management and stakeholders of Softline are and implemented based on the best practices globally. In the confident that the Anti-Bribery Management System is designed current business environment good faith is one of the key factors for progressive development. Every company should bear in mind that a certain company which has been gaining business reputation over the years, may lose its reputation in a matter of seconds”, Vladimir further adds.

Most Improved Parts of the Organization

Among the processes that were improved through the implementation of the Anti-Bribery Management System, Softlines’ team say that the legal due diligence process is the most improved part of the organization (consider that they conduct due diligence for each one of their partners).

Their due diligence procedure includes three verification stages and a final report stage.

Finally, all the verified information is aggregated in the compliance department, which complies an inclusive report on these findings. 

All of these steps are bettered with the requirements that the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System standard has.  Since the beginning of the implementation stage, Softline has seen major improvements, not only in these processes but also in their structural operational activities as well.

Pre & Post Certification Period

Before Certification

Comprehensive situation analysis at Softline in 2017 made it possible to identify a number of problems caused by external and internal factors, which relate to its intentions and the affectability of its management system to achieve intended results, and require solutions.

Due to its global presence, Softline had a large number of customers and partners, which require a correct and transparent business policy in a constantly changing legislative background for the IT services, information security, and personal data processing.

After Certification

The implementation of the requirement of the Anti-Bribery Management System enabled Softline to streamline and optimize its internal management decisions and to form an anti-bribery corporate culture within Softline, which generally improved the effectiveness and efficiency of its activities, and reassured interested parties.

About your experience with MSECB

Prior to obtaining its MSECB ISO 37001 certification, Softline completed a screening process and got many testimonials regarding MSECB as a certification body. According to their team, all the analysis showed results which were in line with their requirements and that was one of the crucial reasons why they chose to cooperate with MSECB.

MSECB provides high-level services, which consist of full support during each certification stage from preparation until the post-certification period.” added Vladimir.

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