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The right way to promote your certification

Organizations that want to create a culture that is focused on continual improvement seek to implement best practices in their management systems. 

ISO or other international standards ensure that organizations manage their systems with improved effectiveness and efficiency. The global recognition these certifications offer allows organizations to enhance their brand and differentiate themselves from the competition. 

While ISO management system certifications will give your organization many benefits, promoting the success of the certification to these standards is highly important and helps to reach your potential clients. We, as an IAS-accredited certification body, provide our clients with many ways they can best promote their certification:

1. Writing a Press Release

One of the most appropriate ways to promote your certification would be to write a news release. The news release can then be posted on your company’s website or distributed to other publications in your industry or wherever you see fit. 

We can contribute to it and support you by adding a comment from our side. All you need to do is send us a draft of your news release. Moreover, we can share it on our social media channels.

In addition, we have included on our website a brochure in pdf format for each standard (Brochures) that includes what the standard is about, the benefits your organization will gain once it is certified with the standard, and the certification process. You can use this information for your news release.

2. Incorporate a certification mark on your website

After you receive the decision that you have successfully completed the audit and certification process with MSECB, a specific certification mark will be sent to you via email. This certification mark can be added to your website, on other marketing materials, or wherever you find it suitable to showcase your great achievement.

All MSECB-active clients are allowed to use the certification mark(s) in line with the MSECB Certification Marks Guidelines.

An example of the certification mark:

3. Creating a Client Success Story

Another way to promote your certification is by being part of a very successful project called “Client Success Story”. Here you get to write about your organization’s background, the reason you chose to get certified, the benefits you gained from the certification, the experience you had with MSECB during the audit and certification process, and any other highlights.

Our client success stories are posted on our website and social media. Thus, your organization will gain more online visibility. This project will also provide you with a Client Success Story Brochure, which you can download and use for your own needs. You can see our recently posted Client Success Stories

If you are interested in creating a success story for your certified organization, you can contact us at [email protected] to get more information.

Some examples of our Client Success Stories: 

4. Posting on social media

We post daily on our social media channels on Facebook and LinkedIn industry-related news to keep our audience engaged and informed about our services. Feel free to mention us in your social media posts at @MSECB. We will be happy to engage with your posts and promote your certification to our online audience as well.

If you need additional information regarding your certification promotion, please feel free to contact our Marketing Team at [email protected]. We would be more than glad to help.