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Choosing the Right Certification Body for Your ISO Management System Certification


After the hard work and dedication that your organization has instilled in implementing an ISO management system standard, the next significant step is to decide which certification body you would choose to get certified with.

The certification increases the credibility of your organization. It ensures that your product or service meets client expectations by following the requirements of an internationally recognized standard.

Since ISO does not issue certifications, you should contact a certification body that can provide you with audit and certification services.

You should consider the certification body as a dependable business partner. Your organization will collaborate with them annually, and they are essential to laying the groundwork for your organization’s success. Thus, choosing the right certification body should not be a hasty decision.

What should you consider when choosing a certification body?

1. Accreditation

The certification bodies are accredited by an accreditation body to ensure they uphold the standards of providing audit and certification services.

An accreditation with widespread acceptance assures that your organization’s certification is recognized everywhere while conducting business overseas. Furthermore, it is necessary if you need a certification for legal or administrative requirements.

MSECB is accredited by IAS as a Management System Certification Body under ISO/IEC 17021—Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems. This confirms that we, as a certification body, work at the highest level of ethical, legal, and technical standards.

IAS confers accreditation on a broad spectrum of businesses and institutions engaged in conformity assessment operations such as testing, inspection, certification, manufacturing, code compliance, and enforcement. Moreover, IAS also maintains signatory status in several global multilateral recognition arrangements like the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) as an MLA signatory for Certification of Persons, Product Certification (Global G.A.P.), and Management System Certification (QMS, EMS, OHSMS, ISMS, EnMS, FSMS, and MDQMS).

2. Reputation

You can open doors for possible business partners and grow your company by working with a renowned or reputable certification body. 

Selecting a certification body with a decent reputation and a track record of success implies you will be working with one that has a good knowledge of standards for auditing and certification services.

Additionally, a certification body with a global brand can provide you with new growth prospects and connect you with colleagues and business partners throughout the globe. 

Hence, choosing a certification body with positive feedback and reputable branding might aid in making a correct choice.

MSECB’s trustworthiness and reliability are derived from our expertise, sustained integrity, and transparency. Our clients portray us as the certification body of choice and label our services as premium.

3. Specialization

Well-prepared auditors offer their frank opinions based on a critical assessment of the management system, which long-term benefits the company.

Experienced auditors should understand how the standards relate to your business and sector to add value to the audit.

MSECB has more than 600 management system auditors that operate in different countries globally and speak various languages. Among them are also auditors who are engaged in the development of ISO standards and ISO technical committees. We encourage you to meet some of our auditors and learn more about their expertise.

In addition to the qualified and experienced auditors, MSECB ensures that all other team members are competent to perform pertinent tasks within the parameters of our accreditation. Hence, every member of the MSECB staff you may encounter throughout your certification process is likewise appropriately qualified and skilled.

4. Cultural fit or customer service

To prevent communication gaps and guarantee process clarity, communication between the certification body and the client should be on point. A solid, long-term relationship can be built with the use of effective communication.

You need to make sure you feel comfortable working with these people over the long haul. Take note of whether the company staff is accessible, polite, and helpful.

MSECB goes above and beyond to support the success of our clients. Our Code of Ethics outlines the principles and practices expected of our employees. Strong ethical principles, in our opinion, are necessary for a productive work environment and promote excellent internal and external working connections.

5. Flexibility 

Working with a certification body that does not value your time nor is accessible when you need them is a bad idea.

The auditors’ timetable must be flexible so that you can adjust the deadline if necessary due to ongoing work or unanticipated circumstances.

Moreover, it is crucial to take certification turnaround time into account. While some certification bodies may be able to certify your company in a couple of weeks, others can take a few months. While you collect offers or quotes, be careful to inquire about the response time.

MSECB is an international certification body with who has certified organizations in over 70 countries worldwide, ranging from small businesses to large multinational organizations. Throughout our network, we ensure we remain attentive to our client’s daily needs and strive to provide a premium customer experience. While it depends on the outcome of the audit and the ability of the organization to respond to possible nonconformities raised during the audit, under normal circumstances, we issue a certificate within weeks.

6. Certification for multiple standards

Be sure the certification body you select has a strong portfolio that fits your immediate needs and long-term goals. Currently, your company may require one standard due to its business needs. However, as more standards become standardized across industries, you may require more standard certifications.

Using a single certification body for all audits is cost-efficient. It will save you time that would otherwise be spent looking for, negotiating with, and becoming familiar with a new certification body each time you need to add another certification. The capability of a single certification body to do several audits or integrated audits simultaneously is another added benefit.

MSECB is qualified to certify organizations to a wide range of standards that are pertinent to a variety of industries.

We can conduct management system audits for businesses seeking certification(s) that are related to the following:

By continuing to develop your skills and expertise, you can advance your career as an auditor and make an even greater impact on the organizations you work with.

7. Client references

You can get a sense of the clientele a certification body serves by reading their clients’ testimonials. Also, it can describe the organization’s approach to dealing with challenging issues in specific industries. Case studies or clients’ stories can show you what it is like to work with a particular certifying body and see their variety of abilities and distinctive auditing methodology.

MSECB has numerous client success stories you can look at when weighing your options. 

Ready to start your certification journey? Get in touch with MSECB to see in more detail what we have to offer you!