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Workforce Africa

workforce africa

It is important for an organization to get ISO 9001:2015 certification, to achieve efficiency in service delivery, and attain maximum customer satisfaction.

– Arnold Ochieng, General Manager

About Workforce Africa Limited

Workforce Africa is an end-to-end HR solutions firm dedicated to the provision of Human Resource Management services across Africa.  We are a pan-African organization with operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia, and Ghana.

Our mission is to deliver business growth by leveraging talent. We envision impacting businesses through HR by connecting individuals to the right opportunities and connecting businesses to the right talent to spur growth and increase productivity.

Our services are in talent acquisition and management. For talent acquisition, we support companies in acquiring the best talent by understanding their needs through a comprehensive position analysis and using our network and database to get the right candidates. In talent management, we offer HR consulting services and employee outsourcing services. Based on need, we also support companies on projects such as job evaluation and salary surveys, organization design, HR audit, and policy formulation. 

With over half a century of combined experience, the knowledge of our consultants, and the experience of our operational teams, we support companies across the industries in media and technology, consumer, industrial, energy and natural resources, automotive, financial, and professional services to sustain a competitive  advantage.

At Workforce Africa, we believe that everybody has innate strengths, and our vision is to help businesses and organizations get the best return on investment from strategic planning and effective management of human resources. For our core resources, there are a team of 20 key staff and over 15 consultants supporting us on needed basis. We strive to be a strategic partner and to support companies across Africa to better acquire and manage their most important asset – people and increase productivity.

Our goal is to be the leading Pan African HR firm in the continent and change how companies acquire and manage talent.

Why did you choose to get certified against ISO 9001:2015?

Our goal as an organization is to be the ultimate HR solutions provider, not only in Kenya, but Africa as a whole. To attain that goal, we must ensure our services are 5 star and customer satisfaction is not an option but a requirement. Therefore, to measure this efficiency, we started the journey for ISO 9001:2015 certification.

In our service provision over the past 2 years, we realized there was a gap in our processes. Being in the service industry, feedback is the ultimate requirement to properly measure your services. As there is no legal requirement for certification, we took it upon ourselves to identify a certification program that is going to effectively measure our service delivery. ISO 9001 certification was able to take us through all the requirements that are used to measure and interpret feedback.

Benefits of obtaining certification against ISO 9001:2015

Experience with MSECB

The certification audit services provided by MSECB were impressive, starting from the customer service which was very prompt and professional. 

In addition, the MSECB auditor was very thorough during the audit by showing his level of excellence at each step.

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